Is SEO Going to Die? Mindshark Marketing Responds

A lot of talk has been spread on blogs and even news sites concerning the longevity of search engine optimization, all trying to confuse people as to what really is on the way when it comes to SEO. A lot of people are motivated by different reasons for their take on the subject also by how they practice SEO in their lines of work. Here is how each professional working with SEO deem it and why they would consider the industry as near death. Mindshark Marketing observes the trends and can make clients get results regardless of what others think.

The predictions that SEO will fade away are nothing new, they were formed as soon as the phenomenon started and yet SEO goes strong.

Freelance web developers have the tendency of not liking the shift of focus from their efforts to those of marketing professionals. This causes many articles from them to be biased towards the entire SEO of a website being sufficiently handled by the code behind the looks. The truth, however as observed by Mindshark Marketing, is that code is useful and complements the content that will need continual addition after the coding ends. The teams at Mindshark Marketing have a good skill blend of coders and marketing. This way, as long as there are websites active and search engines leading to them, SEO will not be running out of style any time soon.SEO

Startups that have a lot of coverage in the offline world have a tendency to think SEO is totally unnecessary. They are then likely to tell the world that all the hype over SEO is equivalent to get rich quick schemes. The truth though, is that all the coverage and posts reviewing their startups cover a lot of ground as far as SEO is concerned. Mindshark Marketing also leverages networks to create backlinks that result in better reach and top ranking for their clients. Startup bosses also have a stereotypical attitude that religiously believes that their product is the only solution to whatever problem they are tackling, usually leading to them disregarding any other solutions.

Journalists have long lived through the times when SEO was a huge topic, they are not keen on chasing the old stories and get bored when things get technical. There is the tendency for a turn towards more technical topics to branch from SEO discussions. This causes a lot of people to shy away from the topic. The teams at Mindshark Marketing have been neck deep in SEO issues for more than a decade now, making them comfortable discussing it with clients. They are very good at dialing doan even the most technical of concepts into simple terms that can be related to business objectives.

There is no end in sight yet for search engine optimization and the demand for it keeps getting higher as technology to build websites gets better. It is clearly unfounded then that a date can be pegged for expiry.